Wednesday, October 18, 2017

4g LTE Speeds for internet data what to expect.

When it comes to Internet speeds there are a lot of variables. Let's make it easy. If your using cellular data for Internet purposes the best way to go is with a 4g Lte Hotspot or a Router specially made for the carrier you choose. Just like a cell phone if your in the basement of a home out in the country or in a metal building your definitely not going to optimize your signal and speed. The same goes with your hotspot or router. Some devices come with external antenna ports to point a directional antenna twords a known tower. In this case you can pretty much put your device anywhere that is in proximity to where you are accessing data. The best action you can take however is to place the device near a window that is facing the direction of the tower in the predominate area you access data. Now you can move your device around if you choose to locate the sweet spot. The favored application to test how fast your connection is Speedtest by ookla. It is readily available in the apple or play store. OK, so Speeds. Do not pay attention to the number of bars as that is not a solid indicator of what your going to get for speed. In the worst of fair conditions, about 5 miles from a tower, your going to get between 3-5 Mbps this is about 7-10 times faster than telephone land line dial-up. The closer you get the less distance the data has to travel over the air so the faster it becomes. If your looking to stream Netflix you will get buffering until you hit 7-8 Mbps. That will vary but is a good base. The number of devices running at one time on your network will also effect your experience. Take a look at the videos at they will explain tri-band routers and how data transfer is handled. Oh, in excellent coverage areas you can expect speeds in excess of 30Mbps. That's 60 times faster than dial-up, and that is conservative.

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